Object number: 906638
Location: Vansbro

Granstrands drying plant


1. Fan, Dantherm type MFBB-100-1-1V1 and fan unit with fan cooling.
Dimensions 250x280x290 cm.
90 kW 400 / 690v, year of manufacture 2007, weight 1995 kg + control unit approx. 100 kg. CE Mark.

2. Fan, Electro fan AB type HMB-25-1-H2. 3200 kbm / h, dimension. 85x100x115 cm
18 kW 400 / 690v, year of manufacture unknown, weight 260 kg. CE Mark

3. Filter (Socket Type) Dantherm Type NFSZ 3000 2 LJ ST1 (STD). Manufacturing 2008
Dimension 240x240x380 cm, weight 1047 kg, CE marked.

4. Lock feeder, Dantherm Type NRSZ 10, Year of Manufacture 2008. Dimension 150x40x40 cm, weight 128 kg.

5. Gearbox with engine, 2 pcs North drive system AB, type SK9382AGSH-160L74TF, year of manufacture unknown,
dimension about 80x80x100 cm, estimated weight 1000 kg / pc
as well as 1st somewhat smaller, model unknown, estimated weight 700-800 kg.

6. Control unit for drying plant, various manufacturers, dimension 100x50x150 cm, estimated weight 150-200 kg.

7. Circulation pump, insecure condition, has not been used for a long time. Dimension 40x40x100 cm estimated weight 200 kg.

8. Heat exchanger with 4 cells, make unknown, condition unknown, there may be frostbite in heat cells than the seller
Dimensions of 700x400x200 cm, estimated weight 3000-4000 kg.

9. Drying drum, Granstrands type. unknown. 2 vertically placed drums fed via conveyor from above,
Dimension c: a 400x400x1200cm, estimated weight 7000-10000 kg.

10. Screw conveyor, 3-piece, upper screw length approx 10m, lower screw tube approx 5m and a pipe not measurable length.
Estimated weight about 1000 kg.

11. Dust extraction fans Ventur type MPT-350T, 6 pcs, 4kW 400 / 690v, Dimension 70x55x75 cm,
Approximate weight 75-100 kg / pcs, CE mark.

12. Controller, Unknown Usage, 60x40x70 cm, Weight Approx. 50 kg.

Includes various steel foundations, wall gates, stairs, ladders, pipelines and other in-depth
installation equipment in the facility.

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Object number: 906638
Location: Vansbro

Granstrands drying plant

Remarks / comments:

Drying system in operation without any major remarks beyond normal wear and tear

Object number: 906638
Location: Vansbro

Granstrands drying plant

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Object number: 906638
Location: Vansbro

Granstrands drying plant

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Object number: 906638
Location: Vansbro

Granstrands drying plant

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Object number: 906638
Location: Vansbro

Granstrands drying plant

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