Used buses and coaches are sold by auction

Here are used buses and coaches for sale in our online auctions. We have a wide range of different models, and the bidding is easy to follow. If you are looking for a used tourist coach or used city bus for instance, this is where you will find it.

Year Estimated auction price Highest bid Countdown Location
Mercedes Benz 515 CDI 4x2 Minivan
Reservation price reached: No Meter: 295544 km
2007 165,000 - 195,000 SEK 75,000 SEK 1/3 10:05 Göteborg/Kungälv Rollsbo
Iveco DAILY50C18B 2-axlar School bus (19 passengers)
Reservation price reached: No Meter: 114657 km
2009 143,000 - 169,000 SEK 26,001 SEK 8/3 10:24 Kumla
Setra A S319 GT-HD 3-axlar Coach
Reservation price reached: No Meter: 557065 km
2003 275,000 - 325,000 SEK - SEK 15/3 10:28 Malmö