Used special vehicles are sold by auction

Here we have compiled all used special vehicles. If you want to buy a used horse transporter, car transporter, fire engine or similar fire-fighting vehicle, you will find it here. Here you will find items such as used towing trucks for sale, as well as used ambulances, cherry pickers, TMA vehicles and Unimogs. Used military vehicles, such as tracked and off-road vehicles, are also sold here.

Year Estimated auction price Highest bid Countdown Location
Scania R143 HL 42 6x2 Fire truck (tanker)
Reservation price reached: No Meter: 610946 km
1989 55,000 - 80,000 SEK - SEK 8/3 11:46 Kumla
Volvo B6FA-440 4x2 Fire vehicles
Reservation price reached: No Meter: 41166 km
1985 - 15,500 SEK 15/3 12:00 Malmö