Questions and answers – Buy Now

What is Buy Now?

Buy Now is an alternative to bidding. The service allows you to buy an object at a fixed price and not participate in the bidding.

How do I recognize a Buy Direct object?

Buy Now objects are marked with a blue shopping cart in the start view. On the object page you see a large blue Buy Now button with the fixed Buy Now price on. When you press the button, a digital interest registration form pops up. The form can only be submitted if you are a member and logged in. Not a member? Create account your here.

If I want to buy an object without bidding, how do I do it?

First, make sure that the object really is a Buy Now object. You can see this if the object has a blue shopping cart symbol on it, a blue Buy Now button with a Buy Now price and a digital interest registration form.

If you are interested in buying an object at a fixed price, you must first log in to your account at If you are not logged in, you will not be able to send the digital registration form. When you are logged in, the information about the object as well as your user information is automatically filled in on the interest registration form. Is the information correct? Then click submit. Is the information wrong? Contact our customer service on +46 (0)10-165 14 00 and we will help you.

Who receives the offer to Buy Now if several people have submitted an interest registration form?

The person who first submitted the interest registration on the specific object is contacted first. We will contact you within 1 business day and will then share more information about payment. It is important to only submit an interest registration if you are really interested in buying the object directly. If several interest registrations have been received, they are handled in turn, the person who first sent in the form will be the first to have the opportunity to buy the object directly.

We at Kvdpro will contact you personally. We start by contacting you via phone, if you do not answer, we will send you an email or a text message. If you have not returned to us by phone, e-mail or SMS within 2 hours, we will offer the next person in line the opportunity to buy the object directly.

When will you contact me regarding my Buy Now interest registration?

We will contact you within our regular customer service opening hours which are weekdays 8-15. We understand that you may not be able to answer immediately when we call. Therefore, we also send an e-mail or an SMS in case we did not get hold of you on the phone. You need to get back to us within 2 hours. If we can't get hold of you, we move on with the next person in the order, if there are any.

All Buy Now notifications are handled in turn. That is, the person who submitted the interest registration first will be contacted first.

Is the Buy Now service active until the countdown?

No. The Buy Now service is open for interest registrations up to 48h before countdown. After that, it will be turned off and there is no possibility to send in interest registrations anymore.

What happens if I submit an interest notification for Buy Direct just before the service closes?

If you submitted a digital interest registration just before the service was closed (48h before the countdown), we will still handle your registration. If the registration is received, it will be handled. You therefore have the opportunity to buy an object at the fixed price even if the service itself has been removed from the object. However, this only applies if you submitted the interest registration when the service was active.

What happens is no one submits an interest registration for Buy Now?

Then the usual bidding procedure always applies.

Can Buy Now be removed earlier than 48h before?

Yes. If the reservation price is reached on a Buy Now object, the Buy Now service is removed and the usual bidding procedure applies.

Yes. If you submitted an interest registration for Buy Now on the object before the reservation price was reached, the registration still applies. You will then have the opportunity to purchase the object at the fixed price even if the reservation price has already been reached. This only applies in cases where the interest registration was submitted before the reservation price was reached and it (the reservation price) was reached during the time of max 1 working day during which we have to contact you personally.

Are any further cost added to the Buy Now price?

Yes, bidding fee is always added to the Buy Now price. The Buy Now price is thus exclusive of bidding fee.

How do I, a buyer, pay for a Buy Now object?

Ordinary payment methods apply to Buy Direct, i.e. both bank transfer and direct payment. You can also pay with Swish if you have a Swedish phone number, but only up to SEK 150,000.

Does a down payment need to be paid on Buy Now objects?

No. We do not require any down payment. When we personally contact you who first submitted the interest registration for Buy Now on a specific object, we will send a payment link. The entire amount must then be paid to us.

Why does Kvdpro abandon the auction model in favor of Buy Now?

The auction model is still the main pillar of Kvdpro's business concept. We are now launching Buy Now as an alternative to bidding to help even more customers buy heavy vehicles and machines online quickly, easily and to the right price.

The auction model is suitable for many, but not all. In some cases, the auction causes buyers to refuse to buy. With Buy Now, we are broadening or offer to our customers. The new service is suitable for customers who need a quick purchase, need a quick sale or need to buy many objects at the same time.

Will all objects be available for Buy Now?

Initially, a selection of objects can be purchased directly at a fixed price. We hope to be able to offer the service on more and more objects as soon as possible.

Who can use the Buy Now service?

The Buy Now service is available for both our Swedish and foreign customers.

Is Buy Now a free service for the seller?

Yes. Buy Now is a free service for those who choose to sell your heavy vehicle or machine via Kvdpro.

Want to sell an object through us and use the free Buy Now service? Contact our customer service on +46 (0)10 - 165 14 00 or contact the responsible seller in your region. See which seller is responsible for your region here.

Is there no auction opportunity for the objects available for Buy Now?

Yes there is, all objects on always have the usual bidding and auction procedure. All objects that are available for Buy Now also have a standard bidding process. For those who are interested in bidding on an object, it is possible to do so during the entire time the object is published on