We have collected our frequently asked questions and answers to help you.

How it works

How do I become a member?

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Can I sign up as a private person?

I have an account on kvd.se, can I use it on kvdpro.com?

I can’t log in to My pages, what do I do?

Why does it say that Kvdpro own the objects?

How can I end my membership?

What are your opening hours?

What does documentation mean?

Can I join you if I live in a country outside the EU?

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Where can I find information about an object?

When do the auctions take place?

Do I need to be a member to be able to bid or buy objects to a fixed price?

Where is the object located?

Can I view the objects in real life?

What is meant by reservation price?

Can I create a reminder for an object for an object that is not on the website right now?

Are the objects sold including or excluding VAT?

When does an auction end?

Am I tied to my bid?

How does autobid work?

Will I be notified if someone places a bid above my bid?

What happens if I win an auction that does not reach the reservation price?

Can you help with transport?

Can I send someone else to pick up my object?

How does it work with a change of ownership?

What happens when the auction has ended?

Sometimes I recieve emails from Kvd Heavy Euipment, is that company a part of Kvdpro?

Must I have an insurance before I pick up the object?

What rules apply if the item is to be exported?

What happens if the condition of the object deviates from the description or if an error occurs on the object I purchased after pick up?

How does the right of complaint work if I hire a transport company to pick up my object?

How do I know my bid has been placed?

How do I know that the price hasn’t been tampered with during the auction?

When do I have to pick up my object?

How do I know which address the object is at?

How and when do I pay?

Can you help with financing?

Do I have a guarantee on the object?

What is Kvdpro's admin fee?

If I am not the highest bidder, do I still have to pay the admin fee?

How does fixed price work?

How do I book a pick-up time?

If the auction did not reach the reservation price, can I still buy the object?

What happens when the auction is over and the reservation price is reached?

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Can I export all objects out of Sweden?

Do I have to pay Swedish VAT as an export buyer?

If I have a company or live in a country outside the EU, can I buy from you?

Can I pay in another currency than SEK?

What is a deposit?

Which documents do I need to submit to get the deposit back?

What do I do if I want a carrier to pick up my object?

Are the Swedish license plates still on my vehicle?

When should an object be picked up?

When must I pay for the object?

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What can I sell?

What are the benefits of selling on kvdpro.com?

What do I need to think about before selling?

What is the reservation price?

What happens if my object does not reach the reservation price?

What does it cost to sell through Kvdpro?

Do I have to hand in my object to a Kvdpro facility?

Can you arrange transport for my object?

What is included in a sale?

How does a documentation work?

How is payment made after a sale?

Who handles complaints?

How does Kvdpro set a reservation price?

How often are the objects sold above the reservation price?

How long does it take before my item goes up for auction?

I have a question about documentation, who do I contact?

Can you pick up the object I want to sell or do I have to hand it in myself?

Can you arrange value-adding measures?

Can I sell my vehicle on export?

Should I fix minor issues on my object before sale?

What do I do if I want to sell through you?

If I have selected the Premium service, can I drive the object to you straight away?

How do I sell through you?

What do I do if there is a problem at the end of the transaction when the buying customer has to pick up the object?

How do you know what my machine or vehicle is worth?

How does it work with a change of ownership?

How do I know where in the sales process my object is?

The item I am going to sell to you has a leasing agreement or was bought via installments, what do I do?

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Do you any other questions?

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