Finance your future purchase safely & easily.
Corporate leasing - carefree ownership


Together with our financing partners Nordea Finance and Wasa Kredit, we can provide leasing and financing via instalments of carefully selected machines and heavy vehicles on

Corporate leasing - carefree ownership

Leasing allows for a carefree ownership to a fixed monthly cost, adapted to your business needs. After the end of the leasing period, the vehicle is returned to Nordea Finance or Wasa Kredit, you can also choose to purchase the object for the residual value.  

  • We can help you throughout the whole process.
  • No concern about future market value of the object.
  • Your company improves its liquidity as the monthly cost is distributed over time
  • The financing fee is tax deductible, i.e., it is deducted as an expense and your company may also deduct the entire VAT on the rent

Lease your future purchase – safely and easily

  1. Make sure to be logged in.
  2. Go to the object you are interested in (you can apply for leasing for both ongoing auctions and for objects where you are the winning bidder).
  3. You can find our financing calculator on the object page on all financeable objects where leasing agreements can be signed. In the financing calculator, you can test different contract periods, initial payments and amount based on your business and its needs.
  4. Select a leasing plan according to your preferences and press the "Apply for leasing" button - done! You will receive a reply on your application via e-mail within one working day.

Once your leasing application has been approved, a proposal for a leasing agreement will be sent to you. You then choose whether you want to accept the proposal or not. The leasing application is free of charge and non-binding. The application is not bound to a specific object but maybe used when purchasing another object within 90 days. This assumes that leasing is possible and that the object value is equivalent to the sum in your previously approved leasing proposal. The offer applies to you who are a Swedish-registered business customer.

Financing via instalments

We can also offer financing via instalments through our partners Nordea Finance and Wasa Kredit. If you are interested in applying for this, you simply fill in this form. You will receive a reply on your application within one working day.

Do you have further question regarding the financing of machines and heavy vehicles via our partners Nordea Finance and Wasa Kredit? Please contact us on or on +46 (0)10 165 14 41.