How to sell

How to sell with

Selling a machine or heavy vehicle with Kvdpro saves time, work and money for you. We take care of the entire sale, from the first call until the money is in your account. We only sell on behalf of Swedish companies.

Let us know that you are interested

Contact us and tell us what you want to sell. You can either use our interest form here or contact a local salesman in your region here. When you decide to sell, you will be assigned a personal sales coordinator at Kvdpro who will assist you throughout the selling process and which you can always contact.

Hand in your object

We have facilities all over Sweden - from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south where you can hand in your object. You can find the contact details for our facilities here. We can also arrange transportation of your object or you can let it remain with you during the auction. This is called a direct auction, read more about direct auctions here.

Test or documentation

When you, the selling customer, come in contact with us at Kvdpro you get to choose between a test or a documentation. In the case of a documentation you must participate and describe the condition of the vehicle yourself. During a test, Kvdpro’s staff or our partners perform the test and the seller does usually not need to participate. Read more about our test here and read more about our documentation here.


In consultation with your personal sales coordinator, you agree on a minimum selling price, we call this "reservation price". Read more about our reservation price here. The reservation price is based on the condition of the object and our experience from previous auctions with similar objects.


Your item will be shown on our website during the auction. We also market your object on several large Swedish and international object advertising pages for machines and heavy vehicles, such as Blocket, Autoline and Nettikone.


Once your item is sold, we take care of the delivery to buyers and all paperwork with ownership change and payment.


Once the item is delivered, we make a settlement and pay the money to you. The sales commission is deducted from the sale price. If there is a financial debt on your item, we can handle the payment of the money to your bank to solve the debt.