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Every week we sell hundreds of used machines and vehicles at auction and at fixed price sales. Here's how to buy an item from us:

1. Sign up

Whether you want to bid on an auction or buy a machine or vehicle through a fixed price sale, you must be a member. You can register as either a business customer or as a private person. If you are also an LRF member, you can take advantage of membership benefits on future purchases. Read more here:

2. Bid or buy at a fixed price is updated daily with used machines and vehicles. You can easily filter by your preferences - city, brand, model year and more. All items will be auctioned off with counts down Monday to Thursday between 8-12. We also offer fixed-price sales on selected vehicles and machines. The fixed price sale is valid until 48 hours before the countdown of the auction starts.

3. We let you create alert for your desired objects

Do we not have what you are asking for, or did someone else have time to buy the item before you? Create a surveillance, and we will hear from you via email when we have received similar objects. You can easily fill in your preferences on our home page at and press the button - Create alert.

4. Carefree solutions

We offer worry-free ownership by leasing together with our partner Nordea Finance. Today we offer leasing on selected machines and vehicles. You can easily calculate the price yourself in our leasing calculator on each leased object. We are happy to help you with flexible transport solutions, apply easily via the item page or contact us directly at

5. Payment and collection

If you have the highest bid when the auction is over or if you send in a request for a fixed price item, we will contact you. You will receive an email with all the information you need about payment and collection to be completed within 5 working days. When picking up items, it is you as the buyer who is responsible for checking that the condition corresponded to the description on

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