We at Kvdpro collaborate with a number of different transportation companies and can help you to arrange a transport for machines and heavy vehicles. You who are signed up as a business customer, or as a sole trader can easily submit a transportation request to us. We book your transport with the company that is most suitable for your needs.

How to easily apply for transport within Sweden

  1. Make sure to be logged in.
  2. Go to the object you want to transport (you can submit a transportation request for both ongoing auctions and for objects where you are the winning bidder).
  3. Under the Transport tab on the object, enter the address, city and postcode for the place you want the object to be transported to.
  4. We will get back to you with a quote within one business day.

The quote for the transport will be sent to the email adresss that you provided us whit when you signed up. As soon as you have accepted the offer and made the payment – we will book the transport. When we have recieved your payment and booked your transport it will be carried out within 10 days.

Transportation abroad

We currently only provide transport within Sweden. As far as possible we are happy to help you to arrange a transport to the nearest Swedish port, this includes both machines and heavy vehicles. Contact our customer service on to make a transportation request to the nearest Swedish port.

If you have further questions about the transport of machines and heavy vehicles, you are welcome to contact us at or at +4610 - 165 14 00.