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Why do I need to enter my mobile number

Why do I need to enter my mobile number

1. Mandatory SMS dispatches

When you create an account on you must submit your mobile phone number. This must be submitted to us for you to a) be able to activate your account with a code which Kvdpro sends to you via SMS b) ensure that you are the one who created the account and have access to the mobile phone to which the SMS was sent.

Your mobile phone number also makes it easier for us to reach out to you quickly when you win an auction and to inform you of important information about, for example, payment and delivery. If you do not have a mobile phone you can contact our customer service on 0046 (0)10 - 165 14 00 and we will help you.

When you place a bid on an item on a box with the text " Notify me via SMS if I am overbidden” is displayed. If you tick this box you will always receive an SMS to your registered mobile phone number when someone places a bid above over yours. Note that there are no SMS messages sent out after an auction starts to count down. This is due to it taking a while for an SMS to arrive and the auction may have ended before you have seen that you have been outbid.

SMS in terms of a reminder of payment for your won object and SMS regarding, for example, pick-up/delivery can also occur.

2. Optional SMS dispatches

In order to improve your user experience, Kvdpro will, from "2019-01-25", offer all new members optional free SMS messages with news, information and offers. If you as a new member wish to receive these SMS you must, upon registration of your account, give us active consent to do this. You do this by filling in the box: ”Yes, I want to receive SMS from Kvdpro with news, information and offers”. If you have not filled in the box you will not receive these SMS messages. You will then only receive the SMS messages which are stated in section 1 “Special conditions for SMS dispatches”.

If for some reason you do not want to continue receiving the SMS messages according to section 2 in "Special conditions for SMS dispatches", you can easily deregister from them. If you live in Sweden, you do this by replying "PROSTOP" to the number from which the SMS was sent. If you do not live in Sweden, click on the deregistration link which is in the SMS.